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The Third Beta Test for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Begins – A Whole New World for the Playstation 3



As we near the games August 27, 2013 release date we are soon nearing the time where we will discover if Square Enix have been able to save Final Fantasy XIV from its fate of being an unmemorable online game or if their “A Realm Reborn” major update impresses the crowd and it on the path of joining the big boys of the online gaming world (Including their own Final Fantasy XI).

But before that there are two more beta tests to go. The third phase of the games closed beta testing has just begun not only on the PC but also the Playstation 3 for the very first time. Both games will feature cross-play functionality with each other, so if you are playing with the PC version you are also playing with the Playstation 3 gamers and vice versa. This beta will also be the less restrictive of the three currently having been run, with the introduction of the city states of Ul’dah and Limsa Lominsa as well as a huge amount of other goodies.

If all goes to plan, after this testing phase the floodgates should be opened for an Open Beta concluded by the official release on both consoles. A Playstation 4 edition has been confirmed to be in the works and Square Enix are currently working with Sony Computer Entertainment to ensure a problem-free transition for those who own the PS3 edition and want to move up to the PS4.

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