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Exstetra – Teaser Trailer


Following its announcement last month, the team at FuRyu (A company that has delivered quite a few games to the Playstation and Nintendo portable devices over the years including UNCHAINED BLADES) have recently released a brand new promotional / teaser trailer for their upcoming RPG Exstetra.

The games unique quirk is that you can essentially save the world through kissing others. After events involving a parallel-universe, Tokyo has become one with the world of Amasia which is nearing its end. The games main character Ryoma Narusawa is what everyone else refers to as the “Prisma” – the only one who can protect his world from its eventual end. How does he get his powers? He can absorb energy known as “Ex” from the enemies which roam the land which can then be passed on to his allies via a kiss to give them special powers.

But focusing on the post at hand, this trailer is only 40 seconds in length and focuses more on the animated cut scenes than the gameplay. The trailer also features the song “with you” by ClariS who have been known in the past for anime opening themes such as Connect (Puella Magi Madoka Magica).

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