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[E3 2013 Trailers] Shin Megami Tensei IV


While I am still hopeful for the day that ATLUS USA will finally decide to localize and release the first two main Shin Megami Tensei days to the international market (Slim hopes considering their Super Famicom origins) the company is still plowing ahead with their recent Megami Tensei releases from the Devil Survivor spin-off series to the Persona spin-off series. But after many years since the third main Shin Megami Tensei game hit international waters  back in 2004 under the guises of  Nocturne (North America) and Lucifers Call (PAL) we are finally about to receive the fourth numbered installment next month.

To mark the currently ongoing Electronic Entertainment Expo ATLUS USA have not released one but two brand new trailers for the game. The one viewable above focuses more on the game as a whole including plenty of English dubbed storytelling and gameplay whilst the second one below has a greater focus on the action and battle systems where your job as a samurai is to quell the demon threat.

Now if only Ghostlight or NIS America would hurry up and announce a PAL region release.

[E3 2013 Trailers] Shin Megami Tensei IV 3
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