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[E3 2013 Trailer] Ragnarok Odyssey ACE


The giants are back on the attack against the kingdom of Rune Midgard, and they are bigger and nastier than ever. It is once again up to you to smack the invaders down to the ground or fling them up in the air for aerial combat, but tread carefully, Mercenary, because evening up the playing field against an overgrown foe will not come easy.

You may recall last year that XSEED Games released Ragnarok Odyssey on the Playstation Vita internationally. Turns out that GungHo Online Entertainment and Game Arts have yet another installment up their sleeves – this time an enhanced release of Ragnarok Odyssey bringing a number of updates and improvements to both the Playstation Vita once again and the Playstation 3.

[E3 2013 Trailer] Ragnarok Odyssey ACE 3
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