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[E3 2013 Trailer] Hometown Story by Natsume


During E3 2012, we had our very first look at Natsume’s latest video game project titled “Project Happiness”. A year ahead of that first look and we have since had the game receive its formal title of Hometown Story.

In this game you control the main character who is running a shop that he/she had inherited from their grandmother. But of course in true Harvest Moon style you have to start from the ground up and ensure there is the supply , the demand and the quantity to go from a small shop to a big one. In the games E3 2013 trailer that was released today, we are guided through some of the games key features from character creation and interaction with the townfolk to shop management and obtaining resources.

It is also unveiled that they have ditched the rather ugly Hometown Story logo artwork they originally had with a much more colourful, child-friendly one.


Hometown Story is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive title being developed by the father of Harvest Moon Yasuhiro Wada and his TOYBOX studio. Joining the production team includes Atsuko Nishida for character designs and acclaimed composer Nobuo Uematsu who during his time in the industry has produced some of the instrumental greats in the Final Fantasy franchise.

At this point in time we have no formalized release date. Natsume will be handling publishing in North America while Rising Star Games will handle distribution in PAL regions.

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