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XSEED JKS Becomes Marvelous USA


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Marvelous USA have today announced their formation as the US-based publishing company wing of Japanese publisher Marvelous AQL. Formerly known as XSEED JKS Inc., Marvelous USA will oversee all the companies US operations including XSEED Games as the consumer games brand for PC, console and handheld games – as well as Marvelous Online as the brand for mobile and online social games. Marvelous USA will be headed by President and CEO Shinichi Suzuki, who held the same titles for XSEED Games.

Based in Torrance, Calif., Marvelous USA is comprised of the XSEED Games team. In addition to managing overall North American publishing operations, the Marvelous USA team will also continue directly managing the XSEED Games brand for all current and planned XSEED Games titles, with no change for consumers. Marvelous Online will expand its XSEED mobile and online games business with the acquisition of the ATLUS Online Division, purchased earlier this year from Index Digital Media, Inc.

Shinichi Suzuki | President and CEO of Marvelous USA

Marvelous USA unifies our US operations under the global Marvelous brand while giving our customers topnotch products and support for both traditional and online social and mobile games. Our XSEED Games console and PC brand will continue to offer the quality games and service for which it is known, and Marvelous Online gives us expanded reach into mobile and online social gaming markets.

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