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Thumbs Up Games to Release Playstation Mobile Puzzler Panic! Soon


Set for release on the 14th November 2012 – The team at Thumbs Up Games is set to bring a new puzzler to the Playstation Mobile platform under the name of “Panic”. After thousands of years on a poky little space rock, with no wiggle room and no games to play, Panic’s Alien Slime Monster has crash-landed on Earth — and it’s angry. The monster doesn’t hate humans, and it hasn’t been sent here to destroy us; It’s just in a really bad mood. Of course, you need to act fast or the entire city will become one big ‘Slime Bath’.

Panic! plays a bit like a labyrinth game with one unique twist, you can reshape the labyrinth. By toppling houses you can divert the flowing slime and prevent it from reaching the civilians. Failed to rescue one? Throw a buoy for that last-minute save. Is the slime monster coming from all directions? Throw a bomb to level an entire block and create a huge barricade. After you have completed the 30 missions included in the release, you will be able to continue your quest to save the Earth from the oncoming slime in a Survival Mode.

In the mean-time, Thumbs Up Games invites you to Like the Alien Slime Monster on Facebook HERE.

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