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While Not Official, This Persona 5 Fan Music Soundtrack is Pretty Damn Good!


The “Persona 5” Battle Theme

While I think there is a very good chance this year that we will be seeing more information unveiled about the much anticipated release of Persona 5, or at the very least some other game in the Shin Megami Tensei series, it seems that the anticipation for some has lead to an element of great creativity among fans of the franchise. For several months now, a group working under the Youtube Channel ATLUSxP5 have been releasing a number of songs (Totaling over 50 now) that would suit a Persona game in a more modern location such as the first four games games (Excluding Persona 4).

I must admit, these are actually really really good and quite a few of them are what I would be quite happy to see in a game and ones I would recommend you checking out for yourself. Currently they have a mixed bag of tracks from the most recent “Shuffle Time” theme to the games potential battle theme to general dungeon, boss battle and school life tracks. Personally my favorite would be one of their earlier tracks Gray which has that simple synthesized tone but sounds so suitable to a darker themed Persona game.

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    • Oh so they are not all unique songs then but just sourced from different locations…. disappointing, but in terms of that song… still enjoyable.

      Thanks for the clarification!

      • Yeah, the lack of any crediting or anything kind of makes it hard to trace it back unless you actually know who sings the original songs. The fact that I heard some MEG songs in there (at least half are hers, I’d say) is what tipped me off,being the fan that I am, so I just thought I’d clarify.
        While some cut-and-pasting was done with a few songs to make them sound new (which is pretty damn bad with, again, no crediting), they’re all from different Japanese electronica artists and bands. Can’t deny that whoever did this has good taste, at least.

  1. Actually, it seems all of the songs ATLUSxP5 has uploaded are either edited, re-arranged or remixed, so technically it would be considered ‘fan-made’ music somewhat, but more or less fan-selected/fan-re-arranged music which is pretty impressive to manipulate into sounding game tracks.

    Listening to the original version of the song GRAY and the one uploaded by ATLUSxP5, you can notice that it has been edited down and re-arranged

    • So cutting a minute out of a song and screwing around with section placement is okay now? I mean, they didn’t even credit the damn original artist on any of the tracks. I know this stuff goes on around YouTube a lot, but at least they usually provide credit and don’t try to pass it off as theirs or as being related to something else entirely.

      That and it’s lead to widespread confusion and it’s gotten the hopes of many people up for no reason, so that’s another thing.

      • Haha relax! Actually you should do a little more research Selryam, ATLUSxP5 actually does put in all the credit info to all of the original artists and song titles. I guess you never bothered to translate the Japanese text did you?

        ex. GRAY from MEG, ATLUSxP5 credits her in the video description:

        真・女神転生 ペルソナ5
        音楽を – ファン選定 – グレー

        メグ – グレー

        (translated in google)

        Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 5Gray – Fan selection – the musicMeg – Gray

         I think you should stop thinking that its ‘official’ and just enjoy it for what it is. Me and a lot of other people think the music is great and most of it would fit pretty well for Persona 5…whenever that is coming out!


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