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Time and Eternity’s (Tokitowa) First Trailer Begins With A Wedding


After considerable waiting, Namco Bandai (Following the webcast  for Imageepoch’s titles today) unveiled the first trailer for their newly announced game Time and Eternity, also referred to as Tokitowa in Japan. The trailer doesn’t really offer all that much, however showcases the two main characters during their wedding (The ‘Player’ Prince and to-be Princess) and some of the gameplay which seems to have you playing as Toki over your custom named male protagonist. Visuals look good however, which will hopefully live up to their earlier boasting of it as being the worlds first “HD Animation RPG” (HERE).

During the conference, they shared a few tidbits of information in response to questions posed by viewers:

  • The game is not a turn-based RPG but instead more similar to an Action RPG.
  • Both fixed and moving cameras.
  • The intended release window would be sometime this year – more likely later than earlier in the year.
  • The game should be ready for at least proper showing at this year Tokyo Game Show.
  • The game will have DLC content LIKE QUITE A FEW of Namco Bandai’s recent RPG’s (and other titles)… I am looking at you Tales of Xillia and The [email protected] 2!
  • You can cheat on your wife and select another one – apparently…. I find this weird considering the trailers have you playing as the “Wife”.
  • The game is apparently around 20% complete.

The next event is set for March which will see them announcing a new command-based RPG, along with further events with more announcements.

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