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Tales of Xillia – The Trailer of Skill Customisation


[youtube ADNwZpU8l08 470 300]

This is perhaps not the trailer for those wanting a glimpse at the Tales of Xillia gameplay or storyline, but those who want a better incite into the character skill customization. The Tales of series has always been about giving the players a limited skill capacity to which they can assign a considerable sized collection of skills to aid them in battle – these can range from slight ability boosts to stat increases – whilst the actual skills are limited to movements on the controller.

This time however, the game has implemented more of a web type of skilling system, where through the use of GP, can choose different skills and stats to unlock, and upon completing one section of the web – allows bonus improvements to be unlocked (Or at least that is how it is for the stat improvements which are featured predominantly in this trailer). As well, the above mentioned skill capacity system has returned, with characters only having limited SP to allot a number of skills to their characters.

Tales of Xillia - The Trailer of Skill Customisation 2
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