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Little King’s Story to Continue the Tale on the Playstation Vita


lks Little Kings Story   Review

You will be forgiven for not identifying the game Little King’s Story. It was released in countries starting in April 2009 with a surprising Australia-first release, followed by an EU release, North American release and then finally a Japanese release. You might not have noticed this game because it looks childish – from the cover to the ingame design, everything is supposed to be representative of a kidsĀ medievalĀ game. HOWEVER, this game was infact comparable to Pikmin, only much harder – being one of the few games you can treat humans like pikmin and sacrifice them all in the name of completing human pinball.

Yoshiro Kimura expressed his wish to continue the storyline in a sequel, however nothing much was heard about it until now. Famitsu has just announced that there will be a sequel released on the Playstation Vita console (From the Wii), but also will be published by Konami in replacement of Marvelous – who released the first game. Details are limited but I will have more details as they come in.

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