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DJ Max Portable Hot Tunes – Review


DJ Max Portable Hot Tunes - Review 1

This is a short review I have decided to write to prove that I am still actively getting this blog back on track! This is a PSP game series and is the sixth in the series on the PSP, however is supposedly aimed as being both beginner friendly, and giving some of the more popular tracks from DJ Max Portable 1 & 2. As this is a music game, please forget the normal reviewing guidelines when I start the critique!

You are welcomed into the game with this very upbeat opening theme, not sure about everyone else, however I found it to be a very enjoyable song. Anyway, this song is about music, and lots of it for that matter, with the game cramming in an extensive number of songs which can be found at the end of this article.

DJ Max Portable Hot Tunes - Review 2

Essentially it is like other DJ Games, you have to press the corresponding buttons ( Left, Up, Triangle and Square for the easiest setting) when the bars cross the red line. Being a novice at games like this, a few songs were easy however a couple of the songs ended up getting my fingers twisted trying to get all the buttons hit properly, with little success. There are four modes in this game, easy (4 bars), medium (4 bars), hard (6 bars) and extremely hard (8 bars) depending on your play-style. Personally I am sticking to the 4 bars medium since the 8 bars would be too complex with the 8 buttons on the PSP. There are movies playing in the background of varying quality, which you would be better watching in the media player kind of feature.

DJ Max Portable Hot Tunes - Review 3

Each the character avatar, gear and notes can be customised depending on what themes you unlock through EXP and how much gold you have. I personally didnt have any problems with gold in the early stages, however it does encourage more playing.

DJ Max Portable Hot Tunes - Review 4

This game also offers a number of features such as multiplayer (Local only I believe), a kind of jukebox where you can listen to all the music in the game, mission mode where you have to do x to get a reward such as extra items or gold and you can also get a records sort of thing where you can use passwords to what I think is upload your score to the main site among other things.

This game is one that I think people would enjoy, it has the whole arcade feel to it so I doubt you would be spending long periods of time playing it, however for the odd hour here and there, I think it is a worthwhile play. There is also DJ Max Portable 3 coming out later this year, alongside an actual North American release. No set date has been made for it.

Overall Score

Music: 8
Graphics: 7
Gameplay: 7
Replayability: 8
Personal Opinion: 7

Total Score: 7.5

Personally, I would recommend play-asia to purchase this since I believe they currently have stock and I have proven success with them, however there are other sites out there dont forget, so always shop around for best value and reliability. Links to the play-asia pages are as follows:

DJ Max Portable – Hot Tunes

DJ Max Portable – Limited Edition

Thank you for reading my review and I hope you continue to enjoy The Otaku’s Study!

Here is the song list for those who are interested. Credits to wikipedia!

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