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Dragonica Fashion Parade – Part 3



Ladies and Gentlemen,

We ask you to forgive us for the wait for Part 3 of the Dragonica Fashion Parade. As you can see my dragonican has been attacked and has its brain drunk out of lots of times due to the very inconvenient opening out of his head. However, he has finally recovered enough to take part in the next part! This time we review another set of back costumes, some of the best looking ones I have seen. Whilst I only hold one piece of the four zodiac back costumes, I will endeavour to get images of the other three very soon! Well, take your seat, the parade is about to begin..


My avatar is proudly showing off the Golden Zodiac Wings. As you can see, they do look pretty damn good and also come in a silver version dependant on your costume. Here is a backside view of the wings:


As you can see, the wings are definately the best quality ones I have seen so far, however I must make note that when moving, the costume I am wearing did sometimes cut through the wings, but it is a minor flaw if you consider how great they look! Also, it was surprising to see how many people questioned me when I walked around the Port of Winds with it, many more people than any other item, therefore it is evident that this does make you stand out! This should be coming out very soon in the IAHGames Version of Dragonica!

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