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The Newbies Guide to Dragonica – Part 1b (Emotions – Speech)


As of the Dragonica CBT, it has become a requirement that whenever you use a character emotion, your character will state something to mention you said it. Whilst it is not confirmed that this will be the case in any further versions of Dragonica, it has been decided to include this addition to The Newbies Guide to Dragonica, as well as include the new combinations for emotions which cannot be readded to the movie in the first part. There are however, no changes to the actions each emotion does so if you just want to see them, I would recommend you see Part 1a.


“Why hello there!”
ALT + 1


“Let’s go!”
ALT + 2


ALT + 3


ALT + 4


“At your command”
ALT + 5


ALT + 6


ALT + 7


“I need a rest”
ALT + 8

There you have it, all 8 of the character emotions updated with their new keyboard combinations and chat text. Note, that until it is fixed, constant spamming of emotes may cause the spam filters within the game to kick you out. Be warned.

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