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The Newbies Guide to Dragonica – Part 5 (Devil’s Soulstones & The World of Darkness)



So you might have some of these lying around your inventory. You might be wondering what they are for, and believe it or not you are not the only one. This chapter of The Newbies Guide to Dragonica sets out to explain all there is to know about Devil’s Soulstones and what benefits you can get from them. First of all you may be wondering where to get a Devil’s Soulstone is… well if you are in a special map such as the Thieves Hideout which require a rare scroll to access (Usually dropped by Toto etc), then some monsters drop these at random, especially the boss monsters within these areas, however any monster will do.


You want to know about the Devil’s Soul Stone?
You want to feel the world of darkness? Well… Sure, I’ll show you. It’s not that hard.

Your contact is Elga Jr. Do not fear, despite what the storyline says about Elga, for the current time at least it does not change anything within the game so you will not become an enemy to all the other gamers for doing work with Elga. You must click on Elga and then click on “Negotiating for Devil’s Soul Stone”.


Up opens a shop, which you must trade those hard earned Devil’s Soulstones for items that you require to get into the World of Darkness. Your biggest priority is getting a Shield of the Void. This is a one use item which is extremely important to navigate around the World of Darkness. Ususally if you were to hit any monster within it, you would deal only one damage point, regardless of your skill level. The shield acts like the gasmask does for Farrel by enabling you to deal the same damage to the monsters as you would any other one.

The second item you must purchase is a scroll. Each scroll has a corresponding map which you can access. The cheapest is the West Traitor’s Ridge at 5 soulstones and for your first time, I would highly recommend using that one first. The monsters in this area range from 25-30, much higher than normal.


Activate your shield, use the scroll and watch as your character goes spinning down the dark void and into the unknown. Where will your character pop out…….?


As you begin walking forward with only a dull light to guide your way, you will notice a glow in the dark creature, to better suit the dark environment, all the monsters are able to be seen in the dark in this very decorative manner. The monsters are exactly the same as you can find on the normal map, however they are much stronger, which should prove a challenge for any high level character needing to collect quest items in the corresponding area. So what is there to do here besides kill normal field monsters?  Well…..


The mission map found on each corresponding area is also available for battle. This includes specially redone versions of bosses such as Orc Bro Tutu. There are different ranking charts for these missions than the normal ones as well as different level caps for rankings so try your best to get in the top 10 here!

The Newbies Guide to Dragonica - Part 5 (Devil's Soulstones & The World of Darkness) 3
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  1. Hello,
    I have completed f1 to f4 in the chaos canyon of oblivion map. But I don´t know who I have to talk to, to start the hero quest to enter f5. Can u please tell me?

  2. Have you been following the other hero quests? Cause if memory serves me right it should just continue on from the other ones… if not, look at your map and there should be someone with a “?”, definitely somewhere before the Port of Winds…

  3. can i ask a question, when i going to the f5 it write tat u cant start this mission !?? wat is this ? and i check ald the ,ap there no more ‘?’ mark for the hero quest ~ wat is the problem of this ?? can any1 tell me ?

  4. waaa i need scroll for Milkway Sanctuary… but i’m playing Fantasy Dragonica ( private server )… Can you help ne ?

    • Unfortunately I have not played this title in several years (Especially considering the SEA servers that I was a part of have now shut down) so I am unable to offer any advice or assistance for this game.

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