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Granado Espada Title Change Event WINNER!


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Just a quick congratulations to Reimaru from the Granado Espada Official Forums for winning the second ever Title Change Event in the forums, with the following submission:

Originally Posted by Reimaru
0 Posts – Cadet of the New World
10 Posts – New Recruit
50 Posts – Pioneer Settler
100 Posts – Town Guard
250 Posts – Monster Slayer
500 Posts – Dungeon Raider
750 Posts – Treasure Hunter
1,000 Posts – Veteran Pioneer
1,500 Posts – The Colony Leader
2,000 Posts – The Baron
4,000 Posts – Expert Pioneer
5,000 Posts – Hero of Uncharted Lands
7,500 Posts – The Grand Noble
10,000 Posts – The Great Legacy of Granado Espada

So what does this mean for the forums? First of all, it replaces all of the old titles and replaces them with fresh new ones produced by the community of today. Second of all, it gives a much greater diversity of titles, rather than the 4-5 we currently have. I would expect them to be changed over within the next few days! Keep an eye out for them!

To anybody wishing to rejoin the forums/game or even try out Granado Espada, feel free to log onto the forums where you can get to know everything there is about the game! Also check out Dragonica which is being released very very soon, also by IAH Games!

Finally, I must appologise for my added week disappearance… lets just say the past week as been busier than my exam weeks!

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