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Some Tragic News :(


I have two things that I want to add here, althrough since I am currently on my PS3, I wll have to keep it brif until I get back onto my computer. (As None of my normal tools are working.

First of, and the most disappoiinting thing that I have heard all week, LittleBigPlanet will be delayed for an unknown period of time due to complaints of a song added into it. For more details on this, please see the Media Molecule Blog http://mediamolecule.com

Second of all, I just noticed that my blog hasn’t been showing up very well for many Internet Explorers except Mozilla Firefox. I am trying to get a list but apparantly both Microsoft Internet Explorer and PS3 Internet Viewer don’t show the sidebar up very well and in different types of problems. (IE – Goes too far to the right and for PS3 – Sidebar goes to the bottom of the page)

I have no idea what is going on but I will look into it ASAP.

I have lots more anime reviews to come soon! Back to Disgaea 3 now, just finished Extra Map 5 “_”

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