Travis Alabanza’s Overflow Headed to Melbourne Next Year

From 31 January to 4 February 2024 inclusive, Arts Centre Melbourne’s Fairfax Studio will showcase Overflow, a production by the acclaimed UK writer Travis Alabanza, featuring direction by Dino Dimitriadis. The play delves into the intricacies of women’s bathrooms, probing questions about inclusion and exclusion… who is allowed in and who is kept out from the bathrooms.

The story is brought to life through Rosie (performed by Janet Anderson), a young trans woman who finds herself trapped in an overflowing bathroom cubicle. Instead of seeking rescue, she immerses herself in memories of past bathroom experiences: deep conversations beside stained sinks and bonds formed in front of packed mirrors.

Overflow has already garnered attention for its groundbreaking ensemble. Last year, the play made its mark in Australia at the Darlinghurst Theatre. It was notable not just for its content but also for its production team, which was composed entirely of trans and gender-diverse individuals, a rare but very much welcome in mainstage Australian theatre.

Commenting on this new announcement, Director Dino Dimitriadis shared the following:

It is a real privilege and joy to be sharing Overflow with Melbourne audiences. Working with an all trans and gender diverse team deeply informs the texture of the work. It’s a production, though, for all audiences, of all ages and identities. Now more than ever, with trans lives politicised in the news, spending an hour in the bathroom with Rosie offers human insight through Travis Alabanza’s powerful and often hilarious script, and Janet Anderson’s knockout performance

Also providing comments on this announcement is Janet Anderson, the show’s sole cast member, who shared:

I cannot wait to bring Rosie’s ferocity to Melbourne, a place so familiar to wild nights out. It’s so rare to perform a piece of theatre that has the ability to stop an audience dead in their tracks and keep you thinking at every turn. It was such a privilege to live in her raver-girl boots every night in Sydney and hold everyone in the palm of her manicured hand. Overflow is an unstoppable anthem of sisterhood, and the sanctuary that can hide in unlikely alliances. Rosie’s story is gonna be heard

In the lead-up to its Melbourne dates, Overflow will be part of Brisbane’s MELT Festival, running from 23 – 26 November 2023. Furthermore, the show’s community engagement team will be arranging experiences around the show through pop up activations and access opportunities taking place throughout the season. This includes a quiet space, Auslan interpretation, audio description, tactile tour and a relaxed performance. Now that is pretty impressive.

Ticketing information for this production can be found via the Arts Centre Melbourne website.

Overflow Cast and Creatives

PlaywrightTravis Alabanza (they/them)
Director and Set DesignerDino Dimitriadis (they/them)
Rosie / PerformerJanet Anderson (she/her)
Sound AssociateAisling Bermingham (she/her)
Lighting DesignerBenjamin Brockman (he/they)
Sound Designer and ComposerDanni A. Esposito (they/them)
Movement DirectorFetu Taku (she/her/they/them)
Community Engagement Lead & Touring ProducerDino Dimitriadis (they/them)
Costume Designer and Community EngagementJamaica Moana (she/he)
Community EngagementLoz Foy (they/them)
Community EngagementTommy Misa (they/them)
Community EngagementRo Bright (they/them)

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