A Busy January of Family Fun Laid Out For HOTA: Home of the Arts

Now that Christmas is over, it is time to look forward to how you will be spending your first weeks of the New Year – whether taking some time off work or dealing with children looking for school holiday entertainment. The Gold Coast has many an attraction looking to catch your attention, but those craving for some cultural enrichment complemented by some air conditioning may find a couple of days entertainment at HOTA – Home of the Arts. While construction continues on the next phase of the Gold Coast Cultural Precinct including the HOTA Gallery which looks impressive, to say the least, the rest of the precinct has movies, live entertainment and children’s activities happening daily.

While I recommend you check out the official Home of the Arts website daily for a list of activities available on your chosen day/times, below is a small list of what I consider to be highlights of their January line-up:

By Acrobuffos from New York City
10-11 January
Follow two siblings as they get transported through a magical circus-style adventure where balloons have a mind of their own, confetti turns into the night sky, and the very air you breathe comes to life.

11-12 January
Learn the skills to DJ and host your own 10 min dance party in this high energy workshop and performance-based program. Work in groups with artists and DJ Joseph O Farrell to learn new skills, fine-tune your DJ talents and become the ultimate dance party entertainer. Ages 10+

14-18 January

An action-packed mini-fest where kids can make things, get messy and save the world. From stepping into their own inventor’s lab for 3 days, to DJ-ing a 10-minute dance party; drawing superhero comics, designing reusable cups, hosting a heroes high tea or getting creative with holograms – there’s plenty to see and do!

16-18 January

Power City is the most beautiful city in the world, clean, pure, perfect; but not by accident. Local hero Laser Beak Man works hard to keep it that way. In a story jam-packed with the trademark humour and visual puns that come from creator Tim Sharp’s literal interpretation of language, Laser Beak Man is a new visual theatre work by the Dead Puppet Society and Tim Sharp that explodes with colour and energy.

22-25 January

After touring the globe, the legendary cabaret YUMMY is coming to the Gold Coast for the first time! Join the ever fabulous and multi-award-winning ensemble as they take you on the most delicious and unpredictable ride of your life. YUMMY has become synonymous with breath-taking drag, music, circus, and burlesque.


With honestly some of the nicest popcorn I have had at any movie venue, taking a couple of hours to enjoy a film in one of the venue’s cinemas is a good way to spend an afternoon away from the heat. Cinema times are generally made a week in advance, so check the website regularly for updated screenings and times. From 14 January – 18 January – children’s films including ‘The Never Ending Story’, ‘Sky High’ and ‘Ferngully: The Last Rainforest’ will be screened.

A Busy January of Family Fun Laid Out For HOTA: Home of the Arts 1
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