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John Oliver is Headed Down Under for Only Two Shows – Despite Probable Demand for More


Above Video: John Oliver makes Red-Tailed Hawks the official Raptor of Last Week Tonight [Last Week Tonight – April 2nd 2015]

Even though most videos of Last Week Tonight are now region locked on Youtube and cannot be officially accessed in Australia, John Oliver remains a prominent name in Australia amongst those who love both comedy and good news / current affairs journalism. From his three-part The Daily Show segment on how Australia got gun control right to a large section of one Last Week Tonight episode praising Australia successful yet potentially under threat plain packaging laws for cigarettes, it seems like he also has at least some fondness for the country.

It has been officially announced today that John Oliver will finally be headed to Australia to perform two stand-up comedy sessions this year in Melbourne and Sydney – to be held on August 27 and August 30th respectively. Although prices for seats have yet to be unveiled, we do know that tickets for both sessions will go on sale starting May 11 via Ticketmaster. There do seem to be a number of pre-sale options available as well, which some lucky people may be able to use.

The Sydney Morning Herald have noted that extra dates may not be made available, which is a great shame considering how fast the tickets will possibly sell out and the number of fans that will want to go and see him. Also disappointing to hear he isn’t doing at least one night in every major capital city in Australia, but I personally hope that these two shows encourage him to return for a longer period in the future.

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