The Refinery Decks of HUR-L2 Faithful Dream Station

Take That (In-Game) Snap Daily Photo

Although Star Citizen Alpha 3.12 did not feature much in the way of new planet-side content to explore, the development team incorporated Refinery Decks onto a selection of space stations – primarily around lagrange points in the Hurston, ArcCorp, Crusader and MicroTech systems. While only offering limited functionality in terms of gameplay just yet, targetted towards refining what can be mined to date, they will play a more significant role as mining becomes more prominent in the Verse.

I am not one for the industrial regions of Star Citizen built up so far, and very rarely stray away from the more modern confines of Microtech, but have gotta admit that the Refinery Decks are some very nice eye candy!

In development by Cloud Imperium Games and their studios across North America and Europe, Star Citizen is being helmed by Wing Commander (1990s) creator Chris Roberts. The game has currently been in a long-term alpha phase with no confirmed release date. Despite this, the studio has raised more than $265 million USD through on-going crowdfunding. Please keep in mind should you decide to purchase towards Star Citizen, that this is an incomplete project and that you are pledging towards an extended crowdfunding campaign with no 100% guarantee of a finished product.

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