Come From Away Recommences Brisbane Performances Today

The producers of Come From Away in Australia have confirmed its Brisbane season will recommence today

Brisbane Audiences Will Be Welcomed to the Rock A Little Bit Later – Come From Away Performances This Week Cancelled

Although producer NewTheatricals was able to avoid the curse associated with many QPAC major musical opening night events since the start of 2020, Come From Away was unable to avoid the impact of COVID-19 entirely in the state. After...

QPAC Make Masks Mandatory Following New Community Transmission of COVID-19 Close to Brisbane City

In an email circulated to everyone attending events at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) this weekend, from today, masks are being made mandatory for all attendees until a date yet to be confirmed. This announcement follows the confirmation...

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Resumes Australian Performances Today

After 49 weeks, another major production is returning to Melbourne's Princess Theatre in the form of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Performances have commenced as of this evening.

QPAC Extends Shrek the Musical Season By 1 Week

Due to the detection of a more prevalent strain of COVID-19 in the city, the Queensland Government initiated a three-day lockdown of the Greater Brisbane Area a couple of weeks back. This lockdown started on the day that the...

Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) Reduce Theatre Capacity to 50%

Over the weekend in light of the recent lockdown in Brisbane, I posted a Soapbox article titled Theatres Need to Strictly Enforce Face Masks Amid New COVID-19 Strains. Not expecting theatres to do the financially and time ineffective decision...

Soapbox: Theatres Need to Strictly Enforce Face Masks Amid New COVID-19 Strains

Greater Brisbane is currently in lockdown for the next three days due to someone unknowingly having and potentially spreading the new, highly-infectious UK-strain of COVID-19.

Pre-Christmas Performances of Pippin and Frozen in Sydney Cancelled

Foundation Theatres together with Disney Theatrical Productions and the Gordon Frost Organisation have announced scheduling changes for their major musicals - Pippin and Frozen.

Supanova: Pop Culture Expo’s Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth Legs Cancelled Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

In an announcement which was pretty much expected, the team behind Australia's annual Supanova: Pop Culture Expo conventions have confirmed that their Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth legs for 2020 have been cancelled. Surprisingly the Sydney leg on 5-6 December...

QPAC Unlocked to Provide Limited Capacity In-Person Performing Arts Events

Since March, most performing arts organisations across Australia have had their doors shut due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While some smaller organisations have begun opening their doors to socially distanced audiences, this tends to be much harder for larger...

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