Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) Reduce Theatre Capacity to 50%

Over the weekend in light of the recent lockdown in Brisbane, I posted a Soapbox article titled Theatres Need to Strictly Enforce Face Masks Amid New COVID-19 Strains. Not expecting theatres to do the financially and time ineffective decision to reduce their capacity in light of recent events around COVID-19, this was my advocating that all arts and culture venues mandate face masks to stop the spread. Well, colour me surprised when a venue actually decides to take the unexpected route.

In a statement earlier this afternoon by the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), it was confirmed that all their venues would be dropped from accepting 100% patron capacity to 50% patron capacity. This will be in effect for all performances from today until 22 January 2021 at least – potentially expanded based on best government advice.

You can read the full statement, posted on social media, below:

This could not have been an easy decision, so I would like to complement everyone involved in making this decision. This is especially true when they would have invested a considerable sum into the ongoing 4-week season of Shrek the Musical which has now been subject to cancellations and now half-capacity restrictions for almost the entirety of its Brisbane season. I, of course, pass on even more support and thoughts to the QTIX box office staff who have to make the tough decision on who will miss out on their seats and have to contact everyone impacted.

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