PSA: Get Your Kids Aged 5-11 Vaccinated for COVID-19 from Today, And Get Your Booster!

Just a quick PSA. 

Today, children aged between 5 and 11 years old are now eligible to receive their first vaccination against COVID-19. This leaves approximately two weeks for parents to get their young ones vaccinated before the new school year officially begins (Although Queensland, for example, has postponed the opening of schools by a couple of weeks).

COVID-19 vaccinations are a free, safe and effective way of protecting yourself against the harsh effects of COVID-19, which have put many worldwide in hospital, ICU, or unfortunately, dead in the ground. 

Bookings for those aged five and up can now be made via your state’s Health Department website – along with options for select general practices, pharmacies and walk-in vaccination clinics. If you are due for your booster, be sure to arrange that while you are at it, to ensure your immune system has the best chance of fighting against the newest variants of COVID.

As someone who has a genuine phobia of needles, let me say that those giving the vaccinations are pros at what they do, and for both my jabs to date, have managed to calm my nerves and did not hurt in the slightest.

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