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Site News: Review Week Commencing Tomorrow


Whelp, that was certainly an interesting week with a snap COVID-19 lockdown here in Queensland, which threw my schedule out the window as increased work commitments came out. But, as I have this coming week off, I will endeavour to offer a range of reviews from the games I have been binging over the past few weeks.

This week will commence with a review of the Brisbane season of Come From Away, which is the main reason why (despite not living in the greater Brisbane area), I was required to stay in lockdown for three days. Was it worth it? You will have to read to find out. But spoiler – yes, it was worth it.

I will also begin a mini video game review series, looking at recent RPGs released for consoles. I expect there will also be a few more surprises coming up, so stay tuned!

Site News: Review Week Commencing Tomorrow 3
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