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No Starch Press Launches The Manga Guide to Physiology


The Manga Guide to Physiology | Cover Artwork
The Manga Guide to Physiology | Cover Artwork

Having covered previous instalments in the series including Electricity, Linear Algebra and Biochemistry – I personally love the idea behind “The Manga Guide to” series, which has been published in English by No Starch Press for several years now. Although there have been no new releases in a little while, the publisher have this morning confirmed that The Manga Guide to Physiology is now available to purchase as either an eBook or physically via bookstores.

As you might already expect, this book seeks to amalgamate manga visuals and a storyline with providing an educational experience surrounding physiology. Some topics to be covered in The Manga Guide to Physiology include:

  • How the digestive system and the citric acid cycle break food down into nutrients and energy
  • How the body regulates itself with hormones and physiological responses
  • How the body’s cell defense system fights off intruders and infections
  • How the kidneys filter blood, maintain homeostasis, and produce energy
  • The science behind medical tests like electrocardiograms, spirograms, and blood pressure monitoring

In this volume, readers follow student nurse Kumiko and her tutor, Professor Kaisei, as she studies for her physiology make-up exam. Kumiko soon learns that physiology is not about rote memorization, but about understanding how the different parts of the body work.

Bill Pollock | No Starch Press

Physiology is fascinating. But people think the only way to learn about the body’s systems is to memorize a bunch of boring facts. Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing boring about physiology especially when it’s paired with comics.

I have considerable experience in physiology, and look forward to hopefully providing a review of The Manga Guide to Physiology at a later date.

The Manga Guide to Physiology is being published by No Starch Press, and has been authored by Etsuro Tanaka, Keiko Koyama, and Becom Co., Ltd.

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