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Hanabee Reveal Which Titles They Will End 2015 With


As we head into the final stretch of 2015, Australian anime publisher Hanabee Entertainment have announced the series they will have on offer both online and via retail outlets in December 2015. Providing a comparable number of titles to past months, Hanabee will be offering a trio of DVD/Blu-ray releases – something new, a new season and a new instalment in the Bakemonogatari franchise. All three titles will be available starting December 10 2015.

For information on all three titles, divert your eyes below:

DVD/Blu-ray | $49.99/ $54.99 | Dual Audio (English/Japanese) | 144 Minutes Across 6 Episodes

Fifteen years have passed and Earth’s still recovering from the catastrophe known as Heaven’s Fall. The result of a collapsed hypergate on the moon, the warring factions of Earth and the VERS Empire of Mars are now at a unsteady truce. Hoping to broker peace Asseylum Vers Allusia, the VERS’ princess, will be travelling down to Earth for the very first time.

EXCLUSIVE TO THE BLU-RAY VERSION: Bonus 36-page Artbook and Limited Edition Slip Case

Familiar of Zero – Season 4
DVD/Blu-ray | $49.99 | Japanese Dub | 288 Minutes Across 12 Episodes

Saito and Louise’s relationship has come a long way since Saito was accidentally kidnapped from Earth and became a familiar. But it looks like it’ll be coming under the ultimate challenge when events in Halkeginia are spiraling out of control and several Void Mages are called to service to save the world.

For Louise, she’s forced to team up with elf Tiffania to become holy maidens under the ever-watchful eye of the pope. Competition, confusion and even more complicated emotions, run amuck as our oddball couple struggle to survive!

DVD+Blu-ray Combo Pack | $49.99 | Japanese Dub | 120 Minutes Across 5 Episodes

A rumour of “the Lord Devil” who grants any wish is circulating among the town. Suruga Kanbaru fears the identity of this creature, when her arm still holds the curse of “the Monkey’s Paw”, she realizes that she may be the culprit. To reveal the truth Suruga goes to confront “the Lord Devil” and who she finds will surprise her.

Needing to confront an old foe from her own past, can Suruga settle past demons and move on to a brighter future?

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