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Rozen Maiden Manga – Volume 5



The second last review of Rozen Maiden I will be doing for some time until I manage to get my hands on the next books in the series. This time, I was a bit disappointed in comparison to the others but it still made a good manga.

Artwork: I retain my belief from the previous reviews that every single volume, the quality of the graphics improve greatly. There are a number of examples which this occurs including:

  • In the flashback of Jun at his school assembly, they had kind of unique designs for all the heads, instead of a comedic group of people, often styled the same way.
  • Kanaria in the final chapter of the manga… kawaii~
  • Of course, the normal comedic artwork that appear in every volume.

The character designs of Mit-chan and Megu are also very well done and display the moods of the characters well.

Characters: A decent about of character development follows in this volume for each of the characters, as well as the newly added characters. Also they added an interesting way for character development which involved Suiseiseki travelling around to each of the characters dreams, which made a unique touch to it all. Suiseiseki seems to be doing much better about her sisters death than the anime, which allows the storyline to progress much smoothly.

Storyline: The storyline was a bit of a letdown for me. I found it to halt the storyline throughout most of the volume until the end, where (For your sake, not going to add a spoiler here). Not much I can comment on this unfortunately.

Extras: The following extras are included:

  • Character List
  • Advertisments

Once again, this manga isn’t well known for its extras.

Quality: Same as usual…

Overall Score:

Artwork: 4.5 (A)

Characters: 3.5 (B)

Storyline: 3 (C)

Extras: 3.5 (B)

Quality: 4 (B)

Overall: 3.7 (B)

Description: It seems that sickness and death looms large in the mysterious world of Rozen Maiden. Suiguintoh may be able to heal her master, but who will heal her? Suiseiseki and Shinku meet in a dream to confront the loss of Sousuiseki—but they do not seem to be alone in their mourning. Meanwhile, Jun may be getting better, but will it all be short-lived if memories continue to haunt him?

Manga Information:

Price I bought it for: $AU14.95

Total # of Chapters: 3, not including extras

Total # of pages: 176

English Publisher: Tokyopop

Publisher Website: http://www.tokyopop.com

Producer: Peach-pit

Rating: Teen – 13+

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