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Pita Ten Light Novel – Volume 1



Pita Ten has always been a special anime and manga to me. It remains the first anime series that I ever watched all the way through and if memory serves me right, it was one of the first mangas that I read all the way through as well. This comes from the same collection of purchases that I made with Kon Kon Kokon and over the last week, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading most of it.

WARNING: Spoilers

This novel dives into the prologue of the manga, featuring all the major characters and either how they met, or how they became part of the storyline. The story in my opinion is far more melancholic than I expected it to be, however it wasn’t a very cheerful manga, unlike the anime which was more cheerful and suited for children.

The Four chapters of the novel were:

  1. How to make friends (Involves Kotarou, Takashi and Koboshi)
  2. How to Laugh it up in Heaven (Involves Misha, Sasha and novel exclusive character Miss Bunny Angel)
  3. How to Meet People in the Human World (Involves Shia, Nya *Under the name of Kuro* and a novel exclusive family *Whose surname I don’t think is mentioned*)
  4. How to Defeat Your Rivals (Involves Hiroshi and Karou)

How to Make Friends:

The perspective constantly changes from Koboshi to Kotarou throughout the novel and focuses on how they first met and how he was a trouble-maker at school. During a school play, Kotarou accidently kisses her which develops her crush for him. However, when Kotarou’s mother dies, which occurs through his perspective, he becomes solumn and depressed, eventually running away from home, which ends up as a date with him a Koboshi. In the end, they meet up with Takashi who they made friends with. At the end of this part, Takashi transfers over to the same school as them.

This was the second best part of the novel and it really kept well with the manga and manga and did not have any inconsistencies with either. It was also interesting to see how Kotarou acted with the death of his mother and how his mood in both anime and manga could have been caused by his guilt for it. I really enjoyed this one.

How to Laugh it up in Heaven:

This part focuses mainly on Misha, who after slowly fading away (Which is what all angels do when they lose power) To counter this, Sasha sends Misha on a mission which will allow her to become an angel trainee again. Misha meets up with a bunny who she titles Miss Bunny Angel and both of them go out on a quest to atone for their sins and start fresh. In the end, they manage to evade all the traps and escape, much to the surprise of other angels. It ends with both of them going together to earth to start their training again.

This part was okay, althrough not the best one there was. I just want to know where the Bunny Angel came in during any of the other forms of Pita Ten… as she never appears at all. The storyline however was acceptable and it was rather well written.

How to Meet People in the Human World

This part focuses on Shia and her cat Kuro. She meets a young boy named Kazuto who has run away from home. She ends up becoming good friends with him and eventually meets the family. After cleaning up the house much to the surprise of the family, they offer her the right to live with them until she finds a home. However, the elder sister Yuu is jealous of Shia as while she used to do everything for them, Shia has taken over all her duties and everyone else is crowding around her. In the end, Yuu hides something precious of Kazuto that Shia made for him and eventually he went to the mountainside to look for it. Shia saves him and Yuu saves Shia after almost falling down the mountain. Taking the advice of Kuro, Shia decides to leave them for good, and much to the sorrow of everyone, she departs… never to see them again.

This was the best part of the novel I think. It was so well done and it does show that Shia did not just come to the human world to track down Kotarou. It demonstated all the things that made Pita Ten great. Nothing more I can say about this than it is perfect.

How to Defeat your Rivals

Haven’t finished reading this yet, should have it fully read in a day or to so keep an eye out here.

Novel Information

English Publisher: Seven Seas

Written by: Yukari Ochiai

Original Worlds & Colour Art: Koge-Donbo

Interior Illustrations: Rina Yamaguchi

First Printed: March 2008


Part 1: 4.5/5

Part 2: 3/5

Part 3: 5/5

Part 4: ?/5

Overall Score: 4.16/5 (May be changed after Part 4 Read)

Overall Grade: A

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  1. Hi i am a big fan of pita ten and i was wondering would it be possible to get the pita ten novel so please can you tell me where I can get! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! :~] !


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