Pixiv Request Service Upgrades During April 2021

In their seventh monthly update to the Requests Platform, introduced to their popular Japanese art-sharing community in October 2020, the team at Pixiv have highlighted the improvements they’ve made over the past 30 days.

As its name implies, this functionality allows any artist on the service to begin accepting paid requests from the community (worldwide), and should they like a concept, accept it, and produce it within a 60-day deadline. As of writing, more than 20,000 requests have been sent to artists, although it isn’t known exactly how many of these have been accepted by artists.

With this still being a relatively new service implemented into a pre-existing website, features have slowly been added month by month. We to this day await for support for some of the more interesting aspects of Pixiv such as VRoid and sensei to be incorporated into the request system, but continual features and quality-of-life improvements have been made available on a monthly basis.

A full list of recently added features (translated into English by Pixiv) now available to clients and artists alike include:

■ The name for Terms “Message” has been changed to “Terms details”. Additionally, those who start accepting requests for the first time will be required to enter the details of their Terms.

■ Examples of “What should I write?” have been added to the entry section for your “Terms details”. Please feel free to use these for consideration if you’re having trouble.

■ There is now a page where you can view the completed works you’ve requested.

■ How in-progress requests are displayed has been updated. The creator’s name is now more prominent, and a co-request button has been added. You can also check in-progress requests from a dedicated page.

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