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Three Weeks Remain Until Yowamushi Pedal the Movie Screens in Australia for One Weekend Online


Yowamushi Pedal the Movie | © Wataru Watanabe (Akitashoten) 2008/ Yowamushi Pedal Movie Partners 2015

Continuing their newer approach to Reel Anime screenings where they screen films as they are available rather than in one batch near the end of a year, there are only three weeks remaining until Madman Entertainment begin screening Yowamushi Pedal the Movie in select cinemas across Australia and New Zealand.

Yowamushi Pedal the Movie follows on from the 62-episode TV series, which began airing in 2013. Madman Entertainment also hold the rights to the TV anime, and are streaming it via their AnimeLab video-on-demand service right now.

This film is set to screen for a one weekend only theatrical season on December 5 and 6, with nine cinemas (6x in Australia, 3x in New Zealand) taking part. These include Hoyts Melbourne Central (Victoria), Event George St (New South Wales), Event Myer Centre (Queensland), Dendy Canberra (ACT), Hoyts Carousel (Western Australia), Event Marion (South Australia), Hoyts Riccarton (Christchurch), Academy Cinemas (Auckland) and Embassy Theatre (Wellington). For ticket bookings, visit the official Madman Website for more information.

About Yowamushi Pedal the Movie

After winning the heated Inter-High race, Sakamichi and the other Sohoku team members receive an invitation to compete in the Kumamoto Hi Province Mountain Range Race towards the end of summer. The top-tier teams from around the country compete in this race, including Sohoku’s rivals Hakone Academy (who yearns to take down Sohoku), Kyoto Fushimi, and Hiroshima Kureminami — as well as Kumamoto Daiichi High School’s team led by Shin Yoshimoto.

On the stage of Kumamoto Prefecture’s Mount Aso, the “final race” of Sohoku team, led by Kinjou, speeds up!

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