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Hanabee List Duo of Titles Planned for Late-January 2016 Launch


Although subject to change or be added to in the coming weeks, Australian anime publisher Hanabee have recently updated their official online store to list two new titles – which they plan to launch on store shelves starting January 26 2016. One is set to be a completely new title, while the other will be the third instalment of a multi-volume anime release.

More information on both titles can be found below:

Blade & Soul
DVD/Blu-ray | $59.99 for Either Format | Japanese Dub | 312 Minutes across 13 Episodes

Alka is an assassin from the Clan of the Sword that has been sent on a journey of vengeance by her tribe to find Jin Valel who murdered her master Hon. Alka learned to kill mercilessly while becoming an assassin but Jin is using the demon-like powers of Chaos to kill without feeling. This journey of murder and deceit has just begun.

Irregular at Magic High School – Part 3
DVD/Blu-ray | $59.99 for Either Format | Japanese Dub | 192 Minutes Across Eight Episodes

Off the back of the Nine Schools Competition comes the Thesis Competition, an event to flaunt the intelligence of the students representing the nine major schools. Whilst Tatsuya gets recruited to help present a study on Gravity Control-type magic, there’s trouble brewing in the host city.

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