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Siren Visual Finally Release Nodame Cantabile in Australia Following Delay


Nodame Cantabile | Image Sourced from Siren Visual Website
Nodame Cantabile | Image Sourced from Siren Visual Website

In a recent tweet made to the official Siren Visual Twitter feed, the Australian anime publisher Siren Visual visually confirmed that copies of Nodame Cantabile have finally arrived in their office. Copies of this release are now listed as “In Stock” via their official website, and should be making its way out to stores and those who ordered copies very soon.

Bringing a number of niche anime series to the Australian market, Siren Visual have n several occasions managed to provide Australian anime fans with titles that have either gone out-of-print in North America (Eg. Monster, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) or have never before been released in North America (Eg. Dennou Coil, Welcome to Irabu’s Office). In terms of Nodame Cantabile, this is a world first release which contains an English dub.

There is no need to wait for a second volume to complete this season of Nodame Cantabile. This DVD-exclusive collection contains the entire first season (23 episodes + OVA), with some extra content spread across four discs. Priced at $69.95 AUD, you can pick yourself up a copy via the official Siren Visual website or through your local anime retailer soon.

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Official Synopsis for Nodame Cantabile

Shinichi is a distinguished young musician who dreams of performing in the great cities of the world. Paris is his master plan. It seems nothing can get in the way of his goals…except his ego…and the fact that he’s terrified of flying…

Whilst attending one of Japan’s top universities he meets Nodame, a fellow musician but one who plays to a different beat – a little crazy, but she can swing!

She’s the loose cannon, he’s the straight shooter. Somehow they might sort each other out…

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