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Madman Add Cowboy Bebop to AnimeLab Service


For their first new steam announcement since unveiling AnimeLab’s new Premium Service, Madman Entertainment have confirmed a series which Premium members will be able to take full advantage of. From today, the entire 26-episode season of 1998 anime Cowboy Bebop is now being steamed via the service.

Premium subscribers will be able to take full advantage of this series in 1080p video and the option of watching it with either the original Japanese or English dubbing. It is still possible to also purchase Cowboy Bebop on DVD (Complete Season) or Blu-ray (Two Half-Series Collections) – both of which come to approximately the same price point – directly from Madman Entertainment or via your local anime retailer.

AnimeLab is Madman Entertainment’s official and legal video-on-demand service for their titles, also on occasion extending into works offered by both Siren Visual (The Devil is a Part-Timer!) and Hanabee (Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works). While a functionality reduced version of the service is available at no charge to those residing in Australia and New Zealand, a new Premium service was announced just yesterday. For $6.95 AUD per month or $69.50 AUD per year, paid members will have immediate access to simulcasts, access to the back catalogue, 1080p high definition video where applicable and access to both subtitled and dubbed anime. More information can be found HERE.

Official Synopsis for Cowboy Bebop

Everyone’s favourite rag-tag group of bounty hunters get a new life in these revitalized adventures. Join the always-cool Spike, investigative genius Jet, the fabulous Faye, the amazing (but weird) Ed, and the super smart Welsh Cordi named Ein as they try to make a buck in the year 2071. How do they do it? They’re bounty hunters. But then again, you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t already know that!

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