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Madman Entertainment Hint at More Limited Edition Studio Ghibli Sets



While its value may be different for each individual, I personally love the (quite costly) Limited Edition box sets for Studio Ghibli films that have been published by Australian anime publisher Madman Entertainment. Each of these sets contain not only the original film on DVD and Blu-ray, but also a large hardcover artbook, hardcover packaging (Example pictured above) and a couple of extra goodies such as a collector’s coin and art cards. Four sets have been released to date, covering the Hayao Miyazaki films: Kiki’s Delivery Service, My Neighbor Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle and The Wind Rises. It turns out that others may be on their way soon.
A follower of Madman Entertainment’s official Facebook page recently inquired about the possibility of there being other Studio Ghibli works that will receive the limited edition treatment. A representative from Madman Entertainment responded that “there will be more to come” and to “stay tuned for more info”.While there is no particular milestone for the film this year, Madman Entertainment did decide to delay their Blu-ray release of Spirited Away until this year. Could we expect to see something in the works for this Hayao Miyazaki classic? Perhaps some of the non-Miyazaki films may also get the chance to shine in a big box!

Want to see the contents of a Studio Ghibli Limited Edition box set dissected? Check out my Christmas Day unboxing post for the Kiki’s Delivery Service – 25th Anniversary Edition.

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