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Madman Entertainment Announce March 2014 Anime Release Plans


Evangelion: 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo

Welcome to the second half of New Years celebrations where we have now said farewell to 2013 and welcomed 2014 as another year of potential. Kicking off 2014 news coverage is Australian anime publisher Madman Entertainment, who have just announced and opened pre-orders for their March 2014 anime release slate which is to be available in stores from the 19th March 2014.

These titles include a number of DVD and Blu-ray releases, part-series and full-series releases and a film I am sure more than a couple of you would be waiting to watch after Reel Anime 2013. The full list of titles is available below:


Bleach Collection 20 (Episodes 268 – 279)
DVD | $49.95 | Hybrid Dub | 300 Minutes

As Ichigo and Ulquiorra battle, Loly and Menoly find a golden opportunity to dispose of Orihime. Unable to defend herself, Orihime is attacked without remorse while a new enemy arises. Yammy breaks through the floor of the Fifth Tower as Ulquiorra’s reinforcement. The combined attacks of Ichigo and Uryu all seem useless against Ulquiorra and Yammy.

Meanwhile, in the World of the Living, the mysterious Visoreds step onto the battlefield. Will they be friend or foe?


Evangelion: 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo
DVD / Blu-ray | $29.95 / $34.95 | Hybrid Dub | 95 Minutes

After the ‘Third Impact’, Shinji awakens to an existence he does not recognise. Earth lies in ruins. Those he once fought valiantly to protect have cruelly turned against him. With Rei Ayanami nowhere to be seen, could his efforts to save her have been in vain – and what friendships can he now rely on? Trapped in a harrowing cycle of death and rebirth, Shinji continues to courageously battle the Angels – even as the world spirals toward a tragic end.


Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess
DVD / Blu-ray | $29.95 / $34.95 | Hybrid Dub | 85 Minutes

One day, a request flew in with the words “I want the leader of the bandit group that’s eating the nest in a certain harbor town, Geese, to be apprehended”. Natsu and the team, who are looking forward to the big reward, set out to the place of request in high spirits. However, because of a mistake Lucy made, they let Geese escape right in front of their eyes. With the request failed..Lucy, who was depressed and by herself, met a mysterious girl named Eclair and a strange bird named Momon on her way home. Eclair somehow lost her memory, and the only thing she remembers is that she must deliver the “Phoenix Stone” in her possession to somewhere. Eclair, who hates magic, and the secrets hidden within the Phoenix Stone…this meeting is the start of a brand new enemy, and a sinister plot that will confront Fairy Tail.

Good Luck Girl! Binbogami Ga! The Complete Series
Good Luck Girl! Binbogami Ga! The Complete Series

Good Luck Girl! Binbogami Ga! The Complete Series
DVD / Blu-ray | $59.95 | Hybrid Dub | 325 Minutes

Ichiko gets lucky a lot. She’s rich, beautiful, smart, stacked, and better than you at everything. But there’s a reason life always goes her way: she unwittingly steals happiness energy from everyone else! Momiji – a poverty god with a freakishly huge syringe and a bunch of oddball charms – has to take Ichiko’s extra good fortune and return it to her various victims of circumstance.

Like an Adderall-raddled cat-and-mouse chase in a funhouse full of pop culture references, the spirit of shortcomings and her self-absorbed subject stick each other with jabs, gags, bizarre bets, and dirty tricks aplenty. It’s a side-splitting ride, and everyone’s seatbelt is defective. But how many blows to the ego can Ichiko take before she grows a sympathy gland and stops hogging all the happiness?


Ikki Tousen Great Guardians (Season 3) Collection
DVD | $59.95 | Hybrid Dub | 300 Minutes

The combat continues between teens guided by spirits of ancient warriors in round three of the original martial arts marathon! As the dust settles over the Battle of Red Cliffs, the fighters of Nanyo and Seito Academies form a peaceful alliance.

Hakufu’s ready to make some dough for tournaments, but her stacked reputation keeps the fearless leader up to her chest in trouble. Just when her joy peaks over meeting a mysterious sister from another mister, a foe Nanyo Academy once creamed returns! As the conflict comes to a climax, the battle vixens bare blood, betrayal, and…


Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-Ne Season 1
DVD | $59.95 | Hybrid Dub | 275 Minutes

Madoka Kyono is an energetic girl who is full of passion. As the proud – and only – member of the Kamogawa Girls’ High School Jersey Club, she goes around helping people in need. But Madoka’s life is turned upside down when she is suddenly asked by a mysterious girl named Lan to pilot a robot. Motivated by her desire to protect the people and city of Kamogawa, Madoka agrees to pilot the resurrected Vox robot to fight against extraterrestrials that have come to attack Earth.

Legend of the Legendary Heroes Complete Collection

Legend of the Legendary Heroes Complete Collection
DVD | $59.95 | Hybrid Dub | 650 Minutes

A war between bordering lands Roland and Estabul has begun. At the King of Roland’s command, Ryner Lute, a bearer of a cursed, extremely lethal power called the Alpha Stigma, and his beautiful comrade Ferris set out on a search for the Heroic Relics – artifacts that contain enormous supernatural powers and can be devastating if placed in the wrong hands. War tactics, bloody magical battles, and political intrigue ensue!


Naruto Shippuden Collection 17 (Episodes 206 – 218)
DVD | $49.95 | Hybrid Dub | 325 Minutes

Madara has declared war on the shinobi world! The Kage unite to form the Allied Shinobi Forces with the Raikage as their leader. While the villages prepare for battle, Sakura forms a team to go after Sasuke, secretly planning to take him out herself! But Sasuke has his own plans, and his confrontation with Danzo confirms the truth about the destruction of the Uchiha Clan.

Where once he plotted revenge against his brother, Sasuke now turns his anger toward the Leaf Village, and only one person has any chance of changing his mind: Naruto!


Steins;Gate Series Collection
DVD / Blu-ray | $59.95 | Hybrid Dub | 625 Minutes

The microwave is a time machine. Okarin proved it. The self-anointed mad scientist nuked bananas into some gelatinous version of the future. Or maybe it was the past. Doesn’t matter. No one thought he could do it, but he did it anyway. He sent text messages through time to people he knew. To his friends. Some of them female. Pretty. He should have been more careful. He should have stopped. Tampering with the time-space continuum attracts unwelcome attention.

Clandestine organizations of nefarious origins take notice. SERN. Always watching. Okarin knows; he can feel their eyes. That’s why he started the top secret Future Gadget Lab. To stop them. You should join. We get to wear lab coats, and it’s dangerous. Danger is exciting because it’s deadly. The microwave is a time machine.

Sword Art Online Vol. 4 Fairy Dance Part 2
Sword Art Online Vol. 4 Fairy Dance Part 2

Sword Art Online Volume 4 – Fairy Dance Part 2 (Episodes 20 – 25)
DVD / Blu-ray | $29.95 / $34.95 | Hybrid Dub | 150 Minutes

Kirito and Leafa have finally reached Central Arun, the largest city in Alfheim by the foot of the World Tree. Kirito is determined to face the dangers of the Grand Quest to rescue Asuna. With the support of the Sylphs and the Cat Sidhes, will Kirito save Asuna in time or will he be crushed by Oberon’s evil plans?!


Transformers Energon Collection Two
DVD | $49.95 | English Dub | 1275 Minutes

The uneasy peace is shattered after the return of Megatron! Yet the Autobots, aided by new allies Rodimus and Omega Supreme, fight back in a battle on multiple fronts across the galaxy. The search for Unicron by leads to the discovery of a new energy source, Super Energon. When Megatron uses this power to become the terrifying force, Galvatron, he becomes an even more dangerous threat. Can Optimus Prime muster enough power to defeat Galvatron, or even worse, the power of Unicron?

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