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Hanabee and Supanova (Adelaide 2013) Team Up for Cosplay Bingo!



Will you be attending the final Supanova: Pop Culture Expo in Adelaide this weekend? Well get out your camera and markers as Hanabee Entertainment and Supanova are teaming up to present Cosplay Bingo. The rules of the game are simple, walk around the event and spot any five cosplayers in a row (Horizontal, Vertical or Diagonal) and get a bingo. To cross off one of the 25 categories, you must take a photo (NOT A SELFIE) of both yourself and the cosplayer in the same photo as proof.

The first ten people during the weekend to reach bingo can go to the cosplay registration desk, show their pictures and receive a mystery prize. Those who spot all 25 cosplayers and get Mega Bingo will win a special prize from Hanabee as well.

The competition is set to run during Friday, Saturday and Sunday until all prizes are redeemed. This very well may mean that all the prizes will have been given out by the time you arrive at the event.

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