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Sentai Filmworks Signs a Deal With Tatsunoko Production


Tatsunoko_SeahorseSentai Filmworks and Tatsunoko Production have announced during Anime Expo 2013 that hundreds of hours of programming from the Tatsunoko Production library have been acquired for release in North America at the very least. This exclusive license includes eleven of the most influential and beloved anime series, including such classics as Gatchaman and Casshan (and I hope to see a few older classics in the mix as well). Specifics are yet to be detailed, and details including titles, release dates and formats will be released over the course of the next year as each of the licensed series are prepared for release.

John Ledford | President of Sentai Filmworks

We’re really excited to bring these Tatsunoko Production titles to anime fans of all generations.  Particularly at a time when technology allows us to reach viewers not only through traditional media, but also compelling new digital platforms.


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