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Hanabee Weekly Update – Rooster Teeth, May Releases and Kids on the Slope…. and Something Interesting in the Background Hinting at a Potential Announcement for Hanamaru Kindergarten….


Australian anime publisher Hanabee Entertainment have today released their fourth weekly update video, which they seem to now be doing in lieu of panels at conventions alongside their surprise screenings. This latest updates look at the brand new Australian and New Zealand Rooster Teeth Store (Hanabee are now the ANZ publishers for Rooster Teeth series and regularly have guests from the company at their convention booth), the brand new releases for the month and in particular the issues that have been found with the blu-ray edition of Kids on the Slope.

But more interestingly, watching this a second time my eyes drew attention to the items on the bookshelf behind the two, which contain things such as:

  • Copies of Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari Part 1
  • One of the Hanabee Christmas Cards (Yes, I do have one and they are as awesome as they look)
  • Alcohol

and so forth…. but on the very top shelf to the far left side I noticed plush dolls based on a series no company have yet to formally announce…. two plush dolls based on Panda Neko and Hiiragi (Panda Neko ver.) from the anime series Hanamaru Kindergarten (Hanamaru Youchien | はなまる幼稚園). This might just be a team members own goodies added to the shelf…. but could it be a potential hint at a new license by the company… and an Australian-exclusive to boot? I guess time will tell….

Unless I am imagining things…. and I have completely mistook some merchandise here….

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