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About the Madman Release of Digimon: Digital Monsters


About the Madman Release of Digimon: Digital Monsters 1

It was the biggest rival to Pokemon without a doubt – during the late 90’s and early 00’s, the youth around the world were left with one big question…. are you “Team Pokemon”, “Team Digimon” or “Team Who Gives a Care?”. Whilst I watched both I will say that I got up early on both weekday and weekend mornings to get my daily dose of Digimon. After Cheez TV shut down, we never really heard of this series until a few months back when Madman Entertainment announced their intention on releasing this series to DVD. However, looking around on the Madman Facebook page, I have noticed that the same questions are being asked – so I have made a quick article outlining a few of the more common questions and answers that you may want to know. 

Question #1
Will this be an uncut or the cut version of the series that was aired on television?

Answer #1
Unfortunately, to this point in time only the cut English dub version exists and therefore will be the only one included in this release.


Question #2
Will you be including the Japanese dub of the series?

Answer #2
There is currently no Japanese dub of the “Cut version”, therefore only the English dub will be included. Personally, I don’t mind the English dub at all – and it is particularily good quality for a dub that were produced over a decade ago – with very few, if any character name changes or the like.


 Question #3
Will you be releasing the Japanese dub at any time?

 Answer #3
I don’t represent Madman Entertainment at all, however there is currently no word on if they will be releasing the Japanese dubbed version, however given their past releases – it is very unlikely that they will be.


Question #4
Are you intending to release the other series of Digimon: Digital Monsters (Eg. Adventures 2, Tamers, Frontier etc)

Answer #4
Madman Entertainment has currently released Digimon Data Squad – but if you are after the older (and in my opinion better) series, then the best thing you can do is to purchase the two collections for the first season – as from what I can tell they will base their decision somewhat off the sales.


Anyway, they are some of the more commonly asked questions. Judging from the response so far, I think these releases will be a big hit – especially to those who did watch them as a kid. The first DVD collection with the first half of the series is set to be released this month on the 17th and can be pre-ordered HERE or purchased from a supplier of anime titles near you. The second and final part of the collection will be released on the 19th of October and can be pre-ordered HERE or purchased from a supplier of anime titles as well.

Remember folks, if you want to see more classic titles such as this, purchasing these titles may reinforce the message that Australian’s want to see more of these titles so who knows… first it might be the other Digimon series that are well overdue for a release and then afterwards may lead to a release of Card Captor Sakura, Sailor Moon or any other series we used to watch in our youth!

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  1. Such a shame that there’s no interest in releasing an uncut one, the jpop music and classical opening music scenes is what made the original digimon 😉

    • In the end, it would most probably result in one big waste of money. As the dub is so many years old, they would most probably have to redub all 52 episodes and as they already have the cut version lying around… might as well use that.

      Honestly, call me nostalgic… but I am one for the English opening theme =P.


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