JAST to Start 2022 with Metalogiq’s ‘Dead End Aegis’ Visual Novel

JAST has confirmed their first English-localised visual novel release for 2022 will be Metalogiq’s 18+ erotic title Dead End Aegis (DeadΩAegis), which will go live exclusively via the JAST Store on 7 January 2022. Pre-orders are now live, and those who pre-order will be able to start playing its prequel story Dead End Aegis Gaiden, right away. Dead End Aegis will be available for $26.99 USD, features the original Japanese voice acting with English/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese subtitles, and is available DRM free.

Dead End Aegis is pitched as a grim magical girl story from the minds behind SaDistic BlooD, and features artwork from Ueda Metawo. It is the story of mankind’s struggle against an extraterrestrial threat, following the magical girls deployed as soldiers on the frontlines of this intergalactic battle. The characters may dress like the heroines in your mahou shoujo children’s anime, but at the end of the day, they’re soldiers in a war that’s just as inhumane and exploitative as any other. It’s a grim tale, and certainly not for the faint of heart. 

 Even in depicting the most terrible of times, as we bear witness to the brutal, senseless violence of war, there isn’t a single moment that could be called anything less than breathtaking.

Scroll down below to see an official story synopsis, and take a gander at some of the preview screenshots and CG Artwork.

Preview Screenshots / CG Artwork


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