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[18+] MangaGamer Announce Acquisition of Moonstone’s Imouto Paradise 2



Back in 2014, MangaGamer published an English localised version of Imouto Paradise, the first installment in Moonstone’s Imouto Paradise duology. Afterwards, more than a whole year went by without the publisher making another announcement about its sequel. During Anime Boston this weekend, the international visual novel publisher finally announced their acquisition of Imouto Paradise 2.

Imouto Paradise 2 has been described by MangaGamer as the following: “After Shoichirou and his little sisters shacked up in the wake of Imouto Paradise, they began raising their new family together. And now, with the parents away on an extended vacation, the new generation of siblings follow in their family’s footsteps, showing their love for each other in deep, heart-pounding new ways!”.

No release date for Imouto Paradise 2 has been announced, but presumably they are working towards a 2016 launch window. I expect it will also come with no mosaics over any naughty bits and the original Japanese voice acting.

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