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Jast USA to Release Shiny Days in Next Couple of Days


Serving as a spin-off sequel to School Days HQ (Which they released back in 2012), international visual novel publisher Jast USA are set to launch Shiny Days in both digital and physical formats beginning Friday September 25 2015. The digital edition will be made available first, with physical editions (still orderable via J-List) to be shipped out from Wednesday September 30 2015. I look forward to providing a review of this title closely after launch.

Like its predecessor, Shiny Days uses subtitled full-motion video and voice tracks to present its dialogues. Therefore, it does not provide a typical visual novel experience with static text and character portraits. The experience is more akin to watching an extended episode of anime, albeit being presented with more control to determine the outcome. Despite being animated, the game is completely mosaic free.

Jast USA are offering a limited edition of Shiny Days while stocks last. This set, priced at $49.95 USD includes: the full game avaialble across two dual-layer DVD’s, a download edition copy, an original mousepad with artwork by Junji Goto, a 48 page artbook, illustration card and manual, a large game box and a collectible download card w/ code. The first 1,000 people purchasing the limited edition (currently unknown if that target has been reached), will also receive a random Shiny Days character keychain. There is also the standard digital edition which can be purchased via the Jast USA website directly.

Initially developed by 0verflow and handled in western markets by Jast USA, Shiny Days is set for release this Friday.

Official “About” Blurb for Shiny Days

Shiny Days is a remake of Summer Days, a spin-off sequel to the original game that is told from the viewpoint of Setsuna, and set in the coastline city of Haramihama. It’s summer vacation, with the sea and the sun, it’s the season for love. But when Sekai gets sick and asks Setsuna to take over for her at her part-time job at Cafe Radish, Setsuna takes the job even though she doesn’t like the revealing uniforms, and has no experience as a waitress. She only continues because she learns that Makoto lives nearby; it’s the chance for Setsuna has been secretly hoping for: a chance to start something special with Makoto. However, instead of seeing Makoto more often, she has a disastrous first meeting with Inori, who ends up becoming her roommate. How will this summer end…

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