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Steins;Gate – English Character Trailer


With their PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita launch of Steins;Gate only a few weeks away, PQube have shared a new character trailer for the visual novel. Those familiar with the title may also recognise it as the title’s original opening sequence. In addition to this trailer, they have also shared character profiles for each main character. They can be found below:

Okabe Rintaro
Eccentric, self proclaimed mad scientist and founder of the ‘Future Gadget Lab’ – a small group of friends who have an ambition of overthrowing the rule of the world.

Mayuri Shiina
Okabe’s long-time friend, Mayuri enjoys creating cosplays and works part time at a maid café. She is always cheerful and positive – greeting everyone with a friendly ‘tuturu!’

Itaru Hashida
An experienced computer programmer, super-hacker and Otaku, his affection for Faris can often lead him say crude and inappropriate things out loud.

Makise Kurisu
An extremely talented neuroscience researcher at an American University, Kurisu is drawn into Okabe’s world because of her scepticism of his experiments.

Faris Nyannyan
The most popular waitress at the Maid Café ‘Mayqueen Nyannyan’ and a mean RaiNET player, she is very much the object of Itaru’s affection.

Moeka Kiryu
A mysterious and shy young woman, Moeka rarely speaks – instead preferring to communicate through text messages, even if her friends are in the same room.

Suzuha Amane
Athletic part-time assistant at the workshop belonging to Okabe’s Landlord, Suzuha has a keen interest in Okabe’s work. She enjoys riding her bicycle.

Luka Urishibara
Shy and feminine, Luka is often mistaken for a girl. As a result he is incredibly self conscious and unsure of his true feelings.

Developed by 5pb, Nitroplus and MAGES, Steins;Gate is set to launch on both PS3 and PS Vita platforms starting June 5th 2015 (in Europe). This game will feature Japanese voice acting, however will include a full English localisation.

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