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[18+] Jast USA Release Starless: Nymphomaniac’s Paradise



International visual novel publisher Jast USA have confirmed that their officially localized release of Starless Nymphomaniac’s Paradise is now available for purchase both digitally and physically. Developed by Empress with Sei Shojo (Bible Black, Discipline) at the helm, this visual novel sets out to provide eroge fans with “a wonderful feast of hardcore erotic 2D visuals”.

While the digital edition will be available for purchase indefinitely, the hardcopy set will be available only as a limited edition at this point in time. This edition (Priced approximately $10.00 more than the digital edition) will include:

  • Large Japan-style box
  • Exclusive artbook with 62 pages of illustrations, sketchs, and an interview with Sei Shoujo
  • DVD-ROM with game manual
  • Download card, for users without optical media drives on their computer

Synopsis for Starless: Nymphomaniac’s Paradise

When Yukito Sawatari finds an amazing part-time job that pays $20,000 for just two weeks of work, he thinks he’s the luckiest guy in the world. But the job isn’t an easy one; he’ll have to move into a mysterious mansion and sexually service the women who live there. Every day there’s a new fetish to explore as he works tirelessly to please Maria, the mistress of the house, her daughters Marika and Marisa, and a host of other women. When the innocent Yuuna arrives, ready to take on similar activities as a “servant” in the mansion, Yukito is torn. Can he allow this pure girl to be defiled by Maria and others, or should he help her escape?

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