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Jast USA Website Revamped, Celebrates Their “Biggest Sales Event… Ever!”



International visual novel publisher Jast USA have recently unveiled their brand new revamped website, which is significantly different and in my opinion much nicer than the original one. While the website has been suffering from a couple of bugs and downtime these past few days, what may appeal to some visual novel fans is what Jast USA are calling their “Biggest Sales Event… Ever”. From now until Monday, the price for many of their recent and not-so-recent releases has been dropped.

Every visual novel title I have reviewed from Jast USA previously including Deus Machina Demonbane, Steins;Gate, School Days HQ and My Girlfriend is the President is up for sale, in addition to a large portion of their back catalogue. Check out the new site HERE for more information.

The Jast USA website ONLY supports digital download purchases at this time, with physical copies purchasable through J-List.

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  1. Ive read great thing about “My Girlfriend is The President” and School Days HQ has been out for awhile now. Dammit why did everything have to go on sale so soon, Im still recovering from all the games Ive bought recently 🙁


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