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[18+] MangaGamer Release Patch 1.01 for Imouto Paradise



International visual novel publisher MangaGamer have confirmed that Patch 1.01 for their recently released localization Imouto Paradise is now available for download via their official website. This update is in response to three concerns noted by those who have played through the title, with the patch notes available below:

  • Several users have expressed dismay in finding that Hiyori’s anus is partially obscured by mosaic during her spanking/anal beads/incontinence scene. We apologize for the inconvenience and have restored her anus to its former unaltered glory. Additional staff will be used in the future to verify anus visibility in all CG.
  • The undocumented aspect ratio dialog that we didn’t even know existed (accessible via ctrl+t while in game) now has English text. Do note that this feature is unsupported and may cause weird issues when playing!
  • Various typos and minor text issues have also been corrected.

More information on the visual novel can be found HERE.

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