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[18+] MangaGamer Announce Release of Armored Warrior Iris



International visual novel publisher MangaGamer have this evening announced that Lilith’s 2006 visual novel Armored Warrior Iris (Soukou Kijo Iris | 装甲騎女イリス) is now available for purchase via their online store.

This will be the first time the VN has been available for purchase in the international market, with the all-new English localization being complemented by the titles original Japanese voice acting. As is usually standard with MangaGamer’s 18+ visual novel releases, there will be no mosaics covering any of the naughty bits.

Set far off in the distant future, where mankind has populated space.
Space has been loosely unified by the Space Federation, a collective with many species participating, including humans.

The protagonist, Iris, along with her partner, Mei Li are beautiful lieutenants belonging to the Soviet Security Force, or SSF. They are fearsome ace pilots, calling the SSF’s Special Armored Company #101 home. Special Armored Company #101 are a unit that utilize ”Armored Knights”, a mobile humanoid weapon. They have been commonly deemed ”Armored Warriors”, as the commanding officer of the company is a woman, and the majority of the troops are women, as well.

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