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Jast USA / Jast Densetsu Release “My Girlfriend is the President”


Jast USA / Jast Densetsu Release "My Girlfriend is the President" 1

Ever wondered what it would be like if Aliens crash-landed into the planet and through *Top Secret* Brainwashing techniques managed to get everyone on the planet to believe that your girlfriend is the new President of the United States of Nippon? Well, your imagination has finally been answered with JAST USA’s release of My Girlfriend is the President. Today, JAST USA, their brand JAST Densetsu and Japanese visual novel developer Alcot have just announced their finished printing run, with copies to be sent to people who have ordered this week. Here is a brief excerpt from the press release:

My Girlfriend is the President is a multi-scenario love simulation game full of cute girls, hilarious parody, and touching romance. Players step into the shoes of Junichiro Honda, who wakes up one day to find that the world has been transformed by aliens into a bishoujo paradise where cuteness is the ultimate authority. His childhood friend Yukino Ohama has become President of the United States of Nippon, and whatever she says goes! Junichiro has to find a way to set the world right before the madness goes too far. Joining US President Ohama are Russian President Irina Putina, Chief of Staff Ran Miyoshi, and a mysterious girl called Ell who just happens to be an alien starship in human form. Through their choices, players will be able to decide which of these cute and quirky heroines Junichiro ends up with. 
Peter Payne, president of JAST USA had this to say on the finished printing run:
From the moment we saw the YouTube trailer for the game, with the corny English dubbed overlay, we knew that this was a game our customers had to play. It’s a game that parodies just about everything imaginable, from world politics to its own ‘moe’ sub-genres. And who wouldn’t want to romance cute female versions of the world’s most powerful leaders?
You can order copies of the game through the JAST USA official website HERE. For further resources on the game, feel free to read my other articles on the title HERE, HERE, HERE and for some laughs… HERE.
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