Square Enix and Porsche Celebrate Innovation with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Collaboration

A bit of an out there collaboration, but Square Enix and Porsche AG has released the product of a partnership, celebrating the concept of being “Driven by Dreams”, coinciding with the former’s release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. This collaboration culminated in the above short film featuring Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s creative team, including Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura, Producer Yoshinori Kitase, and Director Naoki Hamaguchi. In the film, they explore Tokyo in two Porsche 911 cars, representing models from 1997 (the year Final Fantasy VII first released on the PS1) and 2024, discussing the legacy of the original Final Fantasy VII and the process of creating the groundbreaking RPG.

The partnership also includes a special Final Fantasy VII Rebirth-themed Porsche 911 at the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles. Voice actors Briana White (Aerith), Caleb Pierce (Zack), Suzie Yeung (Yuffie), and Max Mittlemen (Red XIII) from the game participated in a hands-on driving experience on the driver development course with this customized vehicle.

All imagery above was provided by Square Enix. Photographer Credit: Gabriel Burgos

Deniz Keskin, Director of Brand Management & Partnerships at Porsche AG, expressed admiration for the Final Fantasy VII creators:

At Porsche, we’re inspired by dreamers around the world—those who are driven by a desire to create change. Few people embody that pioneering spirit quite like the creators of FINAL FANTASY VII, who redefined the role-playing game genre and raised the bar for the video game art form to astonishing new heights. On the eve of their latest highly anticipated release, we at Porsche salute the entire development team at SQUARE ENIX and continue to feel inspired by dreamers like them.

Yoshinori Kitase reflected on the development of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, emphasizing the ambition to set a new standard for storytelling in gaming:

With FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH, just like with the original FINAL FANTASY VII, we began development with a dream to create something that would become the standard for storytelling in the next generation of games. Dreaming means overcoming many challenges, but it’s also a chance to create new possibilities. We share that willingness to reinvent and challenge established norms with our friends at Porsche.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the second game in a trio of planned Final Fantasy VII Remake games, was released late last week exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

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